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Why True Bus?


Corona has pioneered the development of the next generation ‘True Bus Chassis’ – monocoque space frame integral buses in India since 2004. This technology is one step ahead of the semi integral bus chassis.

A ‘True Bus Chassis’ should have a monocoque integral space frame structure, rear engine, a front independent air suspension & wishbone mounted rear air suspension.

The ‘True Bus Chassis’ is designed for passenger comfort, safety & total operating economy.

This internationally accepted bus manufacturing technology has been certified by the Central Institute of Road Transport, Government of India.

Corona is in the process of developing multi axle coaches, electric / hybrid buses, articulate, midi & school buses.

Corona’s monocoque space frame technology has inherent advantages over the traditional truck chassis & semi integral chassis.

Stronger | Faster | Safer

Corona developed India’s first half drive away ‘Monocoque Space Frame Integral chassis’. The monocoque design makes the bus stronger, safer & lighter.

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Monocoque Space Frame Structure

Corona’s Majestik sleeper coach has the lowest center of gravity in the industry. This enhances safety & passenger comfort. While the spines carry the load, exterior cage which is integrated with spine has the unique single piece monocoque structure.

Higher power to weight ratio

Corona has developed India’s first Full drive away ‘Monocoque Space Frame Integral Chassis’ for city & intercity applications.

Front Independent Air Suspension

The Corona developed front independent air suspension reduces the swinging within the bus. It minimizes the impact on passengers when a single wheel runs into a pothole or raised surface.

Wishbone Mounted Rear Air Suspension

A single piece wishbone construction pivoted to the spine at the rear of the bus helps in absorbing forces acting on the rear wheel during operation.

Offers Wider Gangways

Eases entry and exit of passengers.

Global Partners

Corona buses & coaches offer features such as front independent air suspension, rear engine, multiplexing, automatic & manual transmissions, disc brakes, ABS, Intelligent transport systems etc. Corona has partnered with global brands such as Cummins, Allison, Meritor, Eaton, Wabco, ZF to name a few…

We offer customer automatic & manual versions based on application.